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    This is RANGE

    RANGE  is a service and original content-producing studio founded by director Louis Amaden and writer/producer Lennora Esi. The participants are active in the film industry and have created this platform to create, realize and showcase their own personal projects.

    The name RANGE mirrors the intent behind our project: to bring unique artists and art forms together and collectively create content that not only sparks people’s imagination but also shares stories that inspire.

    We are combining traditional VFX with Virtual-Production techniques and forming a hybrid system that allows us to tell stories with a higher production value on a low production scale.
    Directing and Concept
    Based on our experience in order to form a successful project we guide a project from the early concepts over previsualization through production on to post production.
    Our goal is to form a well balanced picture that captures and supports the story from the newest camera equipment over lighting, location and props to the performing artists.
    We attempt to create authentic screenplays that revolve around social critical topics and are rooted in profound story telling.
    We provide a full service in concepting, editing, 3D and VFX which opens the possibilities to realize stunning images.

    Unreal Engine 5 Virtual Production Hybrid - Work in Progress 1.0

    Here are some snippets of our upcoming concept scene JOURNEY using Unreal Engine 5. This scene focuses on creating a realistic outdoor environment and looks at technical ...
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    Unreal Engine 5 Virtual Production Hybrid - Work in Progress 1.0
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